The highly experienced ENTREC team, together with our extensive fleet of equipment, allows us to provide unique and efficient transportation solutions for all types of equipment.

Some of the custom transportation solutions ENTREC provides includes:

  • Heavy Equipment
  • Camp Moves
  • Barge and Dredge
  • Mining Equipment
  • Rig Moving Support

The keys to any equipment transportation are efficiency and safety.  Our team of owners are focused on ensuring that you have what you need when you need it all the while maintaining compliance with our extensive safety program.

Case Studies


September 10, 2016

ENTREC was contracted to relocate a series of large transformers from several different sites throuhgout Southern Alberta to final destinations […]

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In August of 2014, ENTREC was tasked with transporting an extremly large “Flash Stripper” vessel from Edmonton, AB to Fort […]

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