ENTREC | Training & QA/QC

ENTREC is proud to have some of the most experienced personnel and one of the best training programs in the industry.

With extensive operational experience in our management group, the training programs and career paths we offer support our goal of training and retaining the most skilled and experienced workforce.

Nurturing and Training our Team

Training is a valuable resource for today’s companies, in a market in which manpower is at low and trained/experienced personnel is needed today. Training young individuals to be able to manage these positions as our manpower grows older is a challenge of management. ENTREC supports in-house training programs as an apprenticeship. The theoretical component is based on hours of class time, as well as the practical hours in the field before graduation and pay increases are generated.

Fostering Personal Progress for Peace of Mind

Monitoring growth of the individuals is also as important as the training, making sure all documentation and hours of service are signed off by the supervisors in the field. Having supervisors approve the training program is a requirement of accomplished trained personnel. ENTREC delivers highly trained personnel, so our customers can rest assured.

Constant Committment to Quality

ENTREC Quality Control/Quality Assurance is a continuous effort of checking to make sure best practices and procedures for delivering good service is not jeopardized by lack of skills or complacency. Information on commodities or payloads may also be inaccurate. Reviewing equipment requirements on a regular basis mitigates problems in the field. ENTREC Quality Control/Quality Assurance is also about continuously improving on processes, to deliver better service to customers.


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