Platform Heavy-Haul

ENTREC owns one of North America's largest and most modern fleets of hydraulic platform trailers.

ENTREC has one of the largest, newest and best maintained fleet of Goldhofer THP/HL hydraulic platform trailers in North America.  With a unique and highly-flexible platform, these trailers are modular and easily customizable - allowing for quick configuration of the optimal combination for each load’s specifications.  This system possesses significant advantages compared to conventional multi-wheel, heavy-haul trailers in modularity, increased stability as well as self-load and unload capabilities.

ENTREC’s heavy hydraulic platform trailers consists of over 400 axle lines.  This inventory positions ENTREC as the top service provider for the specialized over-dimensional and overweight transportation hauling industry in Canada. 

ENTREC has the equipment and the expertise to supply customized heavy transportation services for large scale modular construction projects for the oil sands, LNG, natural gas compression and process market, petro-chemical, refining, and power-related projects.

Each piece of ENTREC’s extensive fleet of hydraulic platform trailers is modular and customizable - they can be configured and arranged to match the specific length, height, weight and infrastructure equipment requirements for each load.

The options for hydraulic platform trailers configuration are extensive.  The trailers are assembled by joining together sections of axle lines and spacer decks to construct various trailer lengths – from 6 axle lines to more than 14 axle lines long (approximately 30’ to 150’ in length).  In addition, axle lines can be connected side-by-side to build trailers that are similar to that of standard transportation trailers (“two-file” configuration – 10’6” wide) over to twice as wide (22’) as a normal transportation trailer (3- or 4-file configuration).  Spacer decks ranging in sectional lengths of 10’, 20’, and 30’ can be combined to allow for the optimum efficiency of axle support.

The large platform of hydraulic platform trailers makes them ideal for transporting oversized and overweight loads. Hydraulic rams located in each of the axle lines allow these trailers to “crawl” under a load sitting on stands, then hydraulically rise and to lift the load off the stands - and simply drive away.  Similarly, hydraulic platform trailers can be hydraulically lowered to set a load on stands or footings at the final destination.

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    Take a look at this brochure to view some of the capabilities of ENTREC's fleet of platform trailers.

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